Due Diligence
One of the most critical facets of acquiring or investing in a project is understanding the key issues, gaps and risks in the story. It’s not enough to ask the questions—you need to understand how the answers fit together and which pieces of the puzzle may still be missing.

Sustainable Legacy has provided due diligence services and feasibility analysis for many clients on a host of projects covering a breadth of technologies. Because we understand how projects are developed, financed and managed from first-hand experience, we are able to identify potential fatal flaws and potential risks, then assist you in formulating a plan to avoid, control, transfer, appropriately price or otherwise mitigate their impact.
Strategy Formulation
Making and following a plan is generally accepted as a sound business principal. Nonetheless, planning is a discipline that often gets pushed aside when circumstances change and/or more immediate and pressing issues demand attention.

Sustainable Legacy helps clients formulate and sustain a robust strategy for pursuing their project development, redevelopment and/or transaction goals. We will leverage our industry experience, contacts and knowledge to help you design and execute the best plan for your business.
Project Development
Developing a renewable energy project requires patience, an over-developed sense of optimism and a healthy dose of realism. A varied set of professional skills is required for effective development, as well as experience, instinct and a broad network of industry contacts.

Sustainable Legacy has successfully guided numerous energy projects through all or a portion of the development process: Due diligence and feasibility analysis – Site identification, vetting and leasing – Resource assessment – Environmental review and permitting – Interconnection and transmission – Equipment and balance of plant evaluation and procurement – Off-take identification and negotiation – Project financing, purchase or sale.
Contract Negotiations
Understanding and appropriately valuing the inherent trade-offs is essential to effectively negotiating a project agreement. We often find that while our clients are very knowledgeable and skilled in their core business, if it isn’t renewable energy they may be at a disadvantage in negotiations.

Jeff Schlichting has been negotiating and supporting negotiations in the renewable energy sector since the late 1980s, and can put that experience to work on your behalf.
RFP Solicitation and Management
Not every situation lends itself to a request for proposals, but when the circumstances are right, a well-managed competitive process can be a very effective tool in establishing and securing a higher value from the market.

Sustainable Legacy has conducted a number of RFP processes on behalf of clients, and without exception the terms offered by the winning bidder were significantly more attractive than what had been offered in bilateral negotiations.
Economic Analysis
The intangible benefits of pursuing renewable energy are significant and real. In order to remain competitive and stay in business, though, the tangible benefits (i.e., dollars and cents) of pursuing renewable energy must also be significant and real. So it is imperative to have a pro forma economic model that accurately reflects the known variables—and anticipates the unknown variables—unique to your endeavor.

Sustainable Legacy utilizes and adapts its proprietary financial model to incorporate the characteristics of your project into the broader terms and provisions of the industry’s generally accepted cost and financing assumptions, providing you with a clear view of the viability, profitability and value of your enterprise.